Wings and Teeth (Cyborg Shifters 9) is Out!!

Once a wartime hero, Keir was famous for a cyborg, his face plastered on military banners on every side of the galaxy.

But he wasn’t a hero, not really.

He was a hunter, Nightheart’s free agent for the most classified missions. No one knew Keir worked for the EPED. He was beholden to no one. Stalking the most dangerous monsters across the universe.

So, when he encounters a beautiful, intriguing woman in the alien wilds on his latest assignment, he’s immediately taken aback. She’s smart, capable, and completely unafraid of her surroundings, no matter how brutal. But she’s scared of him.

She has a past, one she refuses to share, and it’s connected to everything he’s been searching for.

Luckily, there’s no one more determined than him… Now that he has his mate to capture.





Need some media? Look no further!

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