Storm Surge: Cover Reveal

Everybody feared the man with the metal band over his mouth.

Stryker was part of an elite group of Cyborgs genetically enhanced with inhuman DNA. He was known as the Creeper, the quiet, the man with half a face. His fate was his own and his freedom hard-earned, having nothing to live for but the hunt and his perfect record. Until he received a distress call that changed his bleak existence.

“Please, oh god, please. Is anybody out there? This is Norah Lee, a scientist of Earth. I-I don’t know what to do. I think everybody…everyone is dead. Please if you hear this, please help us.

I can hear them outside. They’re coming…

I don’t want to die.”


Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes, horror elementsStorm_Surge_v3

Wild Blood: Cover Reveal

Dommik was a monster, a Monster Hunter, and an alpha. Part of an elite group that dealt with the horrors of the universe. At least that was what everyone at the spaceport was whispering as he walked by. A Cyborg, a hunter, a beast with eyes as dark as the pits of Hell and the stride of a predator.

Katalina was a nobody who was intimate with death. It clung to her like a shroud, It followed her like the plague, and infected her like a parasite. When she overheard that the Monster Hunter needed an assistant, she took the job. And when the Cyborg’s eyes caught hers, she knew getting closer to death might just bring her back to life.

The Cyborg didn’t scare her.

So she followed him and left fate up to chance.

Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes
Book one of Cyborg Shifters, same universe as Stranded in the Stars, every book is a standalone that only subtly builds off of the others.


Wild Blood Snippet: Do Cyborgs eat?

Cyborg Shifters

The smell of her arousal hit him like a jackhammer and all thoughts of Gunner fell away. Washed away with her perfume. He had scented it before with utter confusion and curiosity and with the wind at his back, drifting the musk away from him. Now he didn’t have the breeze and the snowdrifts to escape too. He only had his control.

“Do you like them?” he asked her, his lips flattening. He would ensure her disgust replaced the dew between her thighs. The truth often did that.

“Does anyone like them?” Kat made a face. “They carry disease and they infest. They’re resilient against most methods of pesticides.” She tugged the long sleeves of his jacket up her arms. “And they are impossible to get rid of. Why? Does this have something to do with the man on the console?”

“It has nothing to do with him,” he shot out. Why bring him up? Was her arousal brought on by his guns? “Hope, Katalina, you never encounter him again. He would have you on your knees and no other way.”

“But he said he was a co-worker. Who is he and how did he freeze your systems?” She tried his patience with her questions. Ones she shouldn’t be asking. But they helped restrain his ardor. Dommik walked to the door, knowing Kat would follow him. He kept his pace slow.

If she wants to know about the roaches, I’ll show her the roaches.

They ended up at one of the many sealed doors around the large room. Each door held its own secret and those secrets now slept during the work shifts and only got air time at night.

He looked back at Kat. “He has nothing to do with you but if you’re so desperate to learn more about him, I’ll invite him over for dinner,” he snarled.

Her lips twitched. “Let me guess? I’ll be the food?” She let out a soft laugh. “Boy, would he regret eating me.” Something shifted in her voice and her brief mirth was replaced with sadness. “Invite him over for dinner, we’ll see who has the last laugh. Do Cyborgs eat?”

Dommik typed in a code and the door shot open. He stood in the doorway and challenged her to go through.

“We do eat.”

The light turned on and thousands of creatures scurried about in bright-white confusion.

Her reaction was exactly what he anticipated, down to the parted lips and hushed inhale of breath. She glanced at him then looked back at the white room. Sterile and utilitarian with smaller glass enclosures throughout. Smaller cages. They did the same thing as the large ones but for an entirely different purpose. The girl walked past him, her arm brushed against his stomach and entered his ‘hobby’ room.

Star Navigator: Snippet

Reina was sitting at an evening lounge, at a bar that was relatively high-class and uncrowded. Most bars weren’t busy these days–there were just not enough people to fill them and yet they stayed in business because those people who did enjoy them, enjoyed them well.

She stared into the Sombrero Cosmo resting on the table in front of her, she ran the tip of a finger up the fragile stem of the glass as a tiny pool of condensation collected on her nail. She absently sucked it into her mouth.

There was something wrong with her cosmic drink, and for a moment she laughed internally. All drinks were made in tribute to the universe these days. But hers was strange, the liquid inside was made in a way to depict the Sombrero Galaxy, a manipulated alcoholic image with a billion sparkling stars orbiting the outer ring.

When Reina looked closer, she saw that the stars weren’t orbiting, they were swimming, wiggling ever so slightly, moving in an impossible way. She leaned closer to inspect it.

A movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye, disrupting her reverie, as a large, wiry man hit the chair next to her.

With a brazenness she didn’t believe she possessed, she looked around the bar and rudely analyzed all of the empty seats this man could have taken before her eyes narrowed on him.

“A scotch on the rocks, please.”

Reina leaned away from the nonchalant power the man omitted.

He wasn’t human but he looked human. He was definitely not a Trentian–his coloring was normal. He wasn’t quite right, his voice too low and steely, his size too imposing, even the way his hair fell in short locks around his face was odd. She watched as the bartender slid him a chilled glass of amber liquid.

The man was sitting right next to her, invading her personal space, and she could barely breathe. He caught her eyes as he took a sip of his drink.

When she thought about it, there was so much space between her and everyone else, that even if this man had sat on the other side of the room, she would have felt invaded.

“Why are you sitting next to me?–”

The inhuman man sat his glass down and smirked.

“–I won’t be going home with you.”

He ignored her blunt rejection. “Is there something wrong with your drink?”

Reina looked back down at the wiggling cosmo again. The perverted stars now bled into the liquid everywhere, destroying the image of the galaxy as she watched. Destruction ensued.

“The stars aren’t real,” she whispered and jerked back as the strange man placed his hand over hers on the bar. He tightened his hold until she stopped struggling to reclaim it. The exchange didn’t take long as a warm current streaked up. The heat came from him and it soothed her in an unexpectedly welcome way; the pounding of her heart eased.

Reina relinquished her hand to him and watched as he moved her drink between the two of them.

He chuckled softly, “It’s because they’re not stars.”

She looked up at him then back down at their joined hands. The heat coming off of his skin was beginning to burn, but it was a cleansing burn.

“What are they then?”

“Your cells.” He lifted the glass to her lips and tipped it up; she swallowed the horrifying liquid, feeling streams of liquor slip down her chin and splash on her thighs. Reina fell back and gasped, only to be caught up in his arms. He was a heavy metal wall trapping her against his body.

A calm settled over her as the drink spread through her body, her bloodstream.

“Thank you,” she whispered before blacking out, feeling a safety with him that she had never felt with any other person. Even in a very unsafe situation.

Cover Reveal: Star Navigator


I love this cover! And I’m glad I do because my friend and I spent more hours than I bothered to count working on it. Actually, now that I think about it, it might have undergone more drafts than the book itself. Thank you, Cameron, my photoshop certified guru! Keep an eye out for Reina and Atlas’s quest to go beyond the reaches of the network and discover why countless ships have disappeared. Coming soon!

Stranded in the Stars: Book 3 Blurb Release!

Reina stopped caring, and she doesn’t know why.

After years of working for the Earthian Space Fleet, spending her days in quiet anticipation as a back-up pilot, doing her work well, if indifferently, she comes face-to-face with an alien man who tries to bargain away her free will and make her his bride. Furious and unsure whether she should fight for a life when she was just going through the motions, Reina is approached by her superiors and asked to captain the last mission into the abyss. To prove to herself that she is worth more than a breeder, that what she has built is something to be proud of, she hopes that a reckless adventure may just quiet the fear she holds close to her heart.

What does a Cyborg do when he has the power of the entire network? When his actions could alter the course of the universe? And his only obstacle is a woman in desperate need of his help?

Atlas is the best navigator for the Intergalactic Earthian Council and has been working for them for decades in hopes that they will free him. But when the Council forces his hand, the now sentient intelligence must undertake a mission that could irrevocably destroy his conscious mind. A mission that could force him to transcend his half-life state in order to protect the beautiful, lost captain that he would risk a second-death to claim; and to feel under his fingertips.


Themes: science fiction, romance

Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes

Standalone, HEA

Collector of Souls, Stranded in the Stars Book 2: Is now live!

collector_of_souls_coverart-scaledIt’s finally out. I had Ophelia’s story in my head from the beginning of when I started writing Last Call. It should answer many questions from book 1. I hope you guys find it an enjoyable read!

Synopsis below:

Ophelia is a half-breed, half-Earthian, half-Trentian. She was raised on a backwater planet on the outskirts of a Trentian controlled sector, on a planet that was so far out in the fringes that the intergalactic council barely knew of its existence.

One day changed her life. When she was brutally examined to see if her body was viable to procreate– she was found barren. Running from the news, the terrible confession of her womb, the brutality of her situation, she finds herself willing to give up her soul for a second chance at life.

What does eternity mean to a girl who doesn’t understand the concept? When she accidentally summons a mystic force from the ancient ages of Earth?

When science and the supernatural collide?

Seraph is a Soul Collector. His eternal profession is to bargain for the souls of the living in order to control their ether in the afterlife. He has been sitting dormant for millennia as his profession phases out with the Age of Science, the Age of Space, and the Age of Intergalactic travel.

When he is summoned from his realm by a dying half-alien girl, his static existence takes a turn for a techno-supernatural adventure.


Themes: science fiction, dark romance, horror elements

Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes
Standalone, HEA

Last Call: Revised

Last Call (Stranded in the Stars Book 1) has been thoroughly revised by myself and a hired editor, in hopes to give any return readers and future readers a cleaner, easier read. If you have purchased the book previously, just go into your digital content on Amazon and upload the latest version.

The updated version is live as of 10/7/2016.