To Touch a Dragon: OUT NOW!





The tribes have wilted. The last of the menfolk have grown old. The human race has been dying since the red comet first soared through the skies above.

My name is Issa, and as the youngest huntress and the only one left within childbearing age, I’m doomed to be the last matriarch of my people. Which would be a great honor, if there were a male to be mine from another tribe. But none have been born, none but my younger brother. It’s been my life duty to protect him.

When the time comes to escort my brother to a neighboring tribe, my friend tells me a rumor of a huntress finding a dragon in the northern plains. And when that huntress touched the dragon’s hide, the beast transformed into a virile, possessively bonded male.

With a thundering heart and nothing left to lose, I venture into the forbidden jungle to find such a dragon. To touch him, to bear his burden.

But the dragon I find is nothing at all like I imagined…


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