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Preorder Now!

Cyane was delivered as a newborn to an orphanage with nothing but a cryptic note from her parents to come to Sicily for an obscure celebration on her twenty-fourth birthday.
Years later, desperate to get to the festival on time to finally confront her parents, she’s tricked and dragged under the Ionian sea. Confused, fighting for her life, and near death she’s pulled from the water by a man. An ancient Greek warrior with frighteningly animalistic eyes.
Cerberus, son of the dragon Typhon, hundred-headed hound to Hades, Gatekeeper to the Underworld, Watcher of all the souls in Styx, and first shifter, senses an unauthorized mortal in Hades’s domain. And when that mortal tries to escape, he does what he’s always done best—stops them.
What he doesn’t expect is a beautiful human woman cowering beneath his blade. When she begs for his help to leave Hades’s realm, his loyalties are tested unlike never before.

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2 thoughts on “Preorder Now!

  1. Hi! I just read both Bestial Tribe books back to back and I’m obsessed! When will Bestial Tribe 3 release? Who will be the hero?

    Thank you for writing this super cool take on the Labyrinth and all that inhabit it darkness. And oh yeah, Minotaur’s with self-lubricating… ya know 😉


    1. Hi Ryan! Sorry, it took me so long to see this message. My bad :(. Thyrius is the minotaur brother for Book 3 and his book will be written once I get through book 10 of Cyborg Shifters ❤


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