Zeph and the future of Cyborg Shifters

Janet was a maneater.

She knew what men wanted, took what she pleased and used that to her advantage. But the men who lived in the small colonies on her home planet were not the same as those who traveled and conquered the universe. They were nothing like the Cyborgs who showed up to solve all her family’s problems, especially the green-eyed god that crowded her space.

So she used him like she used the rest. And bit off more than she could chew.

Zeph carried a demon on his back, one that scratched at the inside of his skull relentlessly. No one would guess that the neon green knight had a terrible secret, not with his charm and his lies. And because of his charisma, his razzle-dazzle darkness, the EPED used him for all he was worth. But sometimes missions couldn’t be fixed with diplomacy. Sometimes you had to follow your own instincts—even a croc’s instincts—to go after what you really wanted.

He wanted Janet. He wanted to keep her.

But the demon wanted something else entirely.

Zeph Welcome to Elyria

After Zeph… or AZ hah!

Some of these men you already know from Ashes and Metal and some, well, haven’t appeared yet. But this is just a little tease for what to expect for the future of the series and wth the EPED is upto!

Nightheart and Hysterian make me swoon. Super swoony.

Cyborg Shifters Season Two

12 thoughts on “Zeph and the future of Cyborg Shifters

      1. Yay!!! Just grabbed your short story too. Cant wait for the 2nd minotaur also. Im gonna be in love with theses i know it.


  1. This whole cyborg shifter thing you have going on is quite frankly the best series I’ve read in years. I’ve read everything you have put out and am super eager to read what comes next! Nice work ❤


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