Stranded in the Stars: Book 3 Blurb Release!

Reina stopped caring, and she doesn’t know why.

After years of working for the Earthian Space Fleet, spending her days in quiet anticipation as a back-up pilot, doing her work well, if indifferently, she comes face-to-face with an alien man who tries to bargain away her free will and make her his bride. Furious and unsure whether she should fight for a life when she was just going through the motions, Reina is approached by her superiors and asked to captain the last mission into the abyss. To prove to herself that she is worth more than a breeder, that what she has built is something to be proud of, she hopes that a reckless adventure may just quiet the fear she holds close to her heart.

What does a Cyborg do when he has the power of the entire network? When his actions could alter the course of the universe? And his only obstacle is a woman in desperate need of his help?

Atlas is the best navigator for the Intergalactic Earthian Council and has been working for them for decades in hopes that they will free him. But when the Council forces his hand, the now sentient intelligence must undertake a mission that could irrevocably destroy his conscious mind. A mission that could force him to transcend his half-life state in order to protect the beautiful, lost captain that he would risk a second-death to claim; and to feel under his fingertips.


Themes: science fiction, romance

Warning: mature readers only, explicit sex scenes

Standalone, HEA

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