The Art of the Naga

I’ve been asked for a place where people can see all the beautiful art that’s been commissioned for the Naga Brides series! My website seems like the perfect place for this 8D. Here’s what I’ve got so far, with many more pieces coming this next year! Artists include Sam Griffin, Cameron Kamenicky, and Naomi Lucas!

If you (fabulous reader you) have done any fanart, please reach out to me! I am always looking for more to add to the gallery ❤


New Release! Blue Coral is LIVE





When I see her, I have to have her.

The one they call Shelby.

But the humans have not given her to us. She remains behind the walls of the facility they have reclaimed. She remains with a male that does not DESERVE her.

This beautiful, enchanting creature with long black braids and bright eyes needs a real male, a master, a true protector. She needs me.

I will do whatever it takes to claim her.

I’ll kill.
I’ll lie.
I’ll steal.

No human, naga, or otherwise will keep us apart. Tonight, Shelby will be in my arms.

To hell with the rest.

Blue Coral is the third book in a series of Bride Hunting Aliens. With the charm of a snake, and the wiles of a devil, these males will do anything, and I mean anything, for their females.

“His brow twitches, and his lips part. His teeth are gritted closed, his jaw locked. There are two sharp fangs. Liquid drips from the end of one of them and lands on my cheek. His face is… orange, though his arms and upper chest are a brilliant blue. He’s covered in scales of many sizes, and they’re not just on the sides of his face and arms. They’re everywhere I can see. Mid-length hair, sodden with sweat, sticks to his brow. He takes a shuddering breath, and a forked tongue peeks out. His eyes remain closed.”