New Series and Cover Reveal

Ashes and Metal has been out for nearly two months now and I figured it was time to announce what I’ve been working on in the meantime. A brand new beginning to a new series set in a dark fantasy world. Something to work on between cyborgs!

Minotaurs, hobgoblins, liches, and ghouls oh my.

Coming late Summer 2018

Aldora lived in a bordertown on the edge of the maze. A labyrinth that spanned an eternity filled with creatures that howled through the night. She was a daughter to farmers that worked the fields and endured a quiet life as a peasant, away from the capital and its nihilistic celebrations; away from all that would look at her and discern her worth. Because to be chosen as a sacrifice was to be chosen to die.

Until one night, while at the edge, she heard a husky voice in the darkness.

Vedikus Bathyr.

He prowled the overgrown passages at the farthest edges where the true, intelligent beasts roamed. They were all there for the same reasons: to kill each other and capture the humans that entered the labyrinth.

On one fated night a human girl called out to him. A girl with a voice that quickened his blood.

But he wasn’t the only one to hear her call…


Keep an eye out for a lot more teasers and updates to come!