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Alexa has one purpose in life and it’s to take down the war machines called Cyborgs. Specifically, the one known as Hysterian, also known as the Torturer, the Twitch, the Jumper. The Cyborg killed her father and she’s determined to see the same thing happen to him.
First, she needs to get close to Hysterian.
Second, she needs to get him to trust her.
But the closer she gets, the stranger and more fascinating he becomes. She finds him watching her every move. He’s in every shadowy corner. He’s in her dreams. He’s even stoking a desire in her that she’s long kept buried. There’s no turning back while stranded on a ship in the middle of outer space.
There’s nowhere to run.
There’s nowhere to hide.
He’s her father’s killer.
Whatever happens now, however the Cyborg makes her feel, she’s determined that only one of them will make it off the ship alive…

Author Warning: Beware