COMING in MAY: Cyborg Horror Romance

No one messed with Gunner. No one.

He was the Jackal, living chaos, the Cyborg that was banned from civilized society. He was also the only Monster Hunter for the EPED that took the hard jobs, the under-the-table work. Those that often left a trail of blood and bones in their wake. When a pirate commandeers his ship, Gunner takes it upon himself to exact a revenge that would ignite a wildfire of rage, death, and torment upon those that made the mistake of encountering him head-on.

Elodie has spent most of her life pretending to be a boy to remain alongside her father in space. He’s the only family she had left. When the ship they worked on is attacked, she’s taken prisoner. Every day, she feared that her secret would be discovered—that she’s a woman alone amongst men. When a strange man is thrown in the cell next to hers, she realizes she was living on borrowed time.

He stared at her as if he knew her secret…

Warning: Ashes and Metal is a prison horror romance with explicit violence, strong language, and diabiolically heated scenes. Mature readers only.

Gunner ad 3


“This is my territory. This right here. You won’t touch me, won’t reach through my cell’s bars, won’t try and hurt me in any way while I’m right here. If you want to try and claim your space then I want to claim mine. And this spot is my safe place.”


“Everything,” he groaned directly in her ear. “This is my territory,” he said. “This right here. I’ll touch you, will reach through your bars, but will never hurt you. If you want to try and claim your space back then say so right now because I’m going to claim mine. And this spot, right here,” he kissed the air over her ear, “is my safe place.”