OUT NOW! Mutt a Cyborg Shifters Novella

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Clara was confused when she encountered the sign outside the Cyborg breeding facility. She wanted a child and nothing would stand in her way, not even her own body fighting against her. But she didn’t heed the sign’s warning—she had more important things on her mind—and once she was aware, it was too late. Her heart was already on the line.

Reid was the ultimate protector, the perfect bodyguard, his loyalty was embedded in his DNA. The animal his creators chose for him was a favorite, a downright blessing, and an ongoing nightmare. He found the perfect reprieve after the Great Galactic War: Division Head of the last Cyborg breeding facility on Earth. The empty halls offered more than silence, they offered him sanctuary.


Until a woman walked through his door, begged to join the program, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, her delicate features and desperation awakened a behavior that had long been buried inside him—his need to claim.